Today on TYCI, an opinion piece on body image by new contributor Jennifer Hamilton:
In the City Chambers for the programme launch of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. Details of our events coming soon!

I need feminism because not wanting to be pregnant with a girl because of all the injustice she’ll have to endure should NOT be a thing that’s on my mind.
This week’s #LADYSOUNDS theme! Share your suggestions for songs by female artists on our social networks or email and we’ll publish a playlist to 8tracks this weekend. 
Artwork by Gretchen King.
Today on TYCI, new contributor Oriana Franceschi talks about why Hollywood needs to stop being afraid of abortion:
Today on the site, Ellen MacAskill reviews the latest Caitlin Moran novel:
For the latest instalment in TYCI’s Five Things series, Ciara Maguire writes about her five favourite lesbian films:
What are yours?
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#GoodMental, Rosie Davies’ series on health, happiness and general LIFE, is back. She’ll be writing more for us as part of our October mental health themed content splurge, in honour of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival.

An opinion piece by new TYCI contributor Rachel Cunningham looking at what it’s really like for women in sport today - and asking for your input in the discussion:
TYCI is always looking for new volunteers. If you would like to get involved in the collective, please do come by and have an informal catch up at CCA Glasgow on Friday 29 August from 7.30pm in the downstairs bar.For more information, email or check out our Creative Scotland Opportunities entry:
Today on TYCI, we interview Ashley Remer, the woman behind a unique online archive:
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