Today on TYCI, an interview with SoBe Lash:
Great article by Mike Diver for Clash:

I need feminism because my mother blames the sexual advance towards my younger sister on her and her wardrobe…
#LADYSOUNDS is back, and this time it’s summery… Post your suggestions for songs by female artists underneath this image / email us on and we’ll compile a playlist at the end of the week.
Check out previous #LADYSOUNDS playlists here:
Next month’s TYCI live event will be in Stereo as Bloc is closed for a facelift. Same rules apply - 11pm-3am, free before midnight / £2 after or free all night if you write ‘TYCI’ on your knuckles.
Every month, TYCI will support a different charity, with the funds raised at this event going to Prostate Cancer UK ( month’s poster is by Pip Barrett. SWIM TEAM: THE RAGE: www.bloc.ruSTEREO: www.stereocafebar.comAnd for more on the TYCI collective, visit Time to let your hair down and TYCI.
TYCI Issue #21 (July - August 2014)  TYCI puts out a monthly zine, reproducing some of the articles published on our website ( The physical zine is launched at our monthly club night at Bloc ( and is then distributed around Glasgow. This month’s cover art is by Katie Guthrie ( Everything else by Cecilia Stamp (
Preview of our latest zine, launched at tonight’s event in Bloc. Cover design by Katie Guthrie ( 11pm-3am, free before midnight/£2 after or free all night if you write ‘TYCI’ on your knuckles.
TONIGHT. Raffle proceeds go to Women’s Support Project.
Today on TYCI, new contributor Shawn Durham speaks to Lisa Whitaker of Girls Skate Network:
Check out this mix on @8tracks: LADYSOUNDS #33 (13 JULY 2014) by tyciblog.
Today on TYCI, a special Five Things in honour of Pride:
Today on TYCI, Nina Glencross interviews Danish filmmaker Astrid Dynesen about her documentary Ride The Balance: